Privacy Policy

  1. Register controller

Company name: Optimal Hälsa/Health
Business id: 3019286-7
Address: Vårdöbyvägen 27, 22 550 Vårdö, Åland


  1. Contact person for the register
    Krister Kurzeja
    Phone: +358 (0)457 345 87 84


  1. Name of register
    Optimal Hälsa FO-3019286-7


  1. Purpose for processing personal data

    We collect, store and process personal data in a legal manner. The main purpose of processing personal data is to be able to offer services, fulfill agreements, for marketing purposes, to follow-up how the services are used and to be able to meet statutory requirements.

  2. The register’s data content

    The register can contain the following personal data:

    • First and last name
    • Contact information
    • Language
  1. Regular sources of information

    Personal information is acquired from the customers as they use our services and website, for example when they fill in electronic forms or order our newsletter.

  2. Protection of the register

    The information in the register is protected with generally accepted technical tools. Only the register controller, and by him authorized staff, have access to the information in the register.

  3. Right of inspection, prohibition and amendment

    To check or update the information in the register, please contact our customer service by e-mail: