I offer personal trainer and strength- and fitness coaching services.

Examples of services

I offer the following:

  • Training programme for 3, 6 or 12 months
    •  Basic package
      (Follow-up once a month by e-mail))

      Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail

    • Extended package
      (Follow-up twice a month by telephone))

      Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail

    •  Premium package
      (Follow-up every week by telephone))

      Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail

    • Training programme, 12 weeks
      (Profile assessment not inluded))

Examples of programmes

Below you’ll find some examples of different programmes. Your programme, however, will be adapted to your profile and your wishes.

Regular exerciser

programme for you who exercise regularly. You play eg. padel, tennis or golf, but you need help in building strength and mobility to function and feel better.

Runner / increased strength

A programme for you who focus on becoming a better runner(3,000 m and longer), and who want to combine running with weight training to become stronger and gain more muscles.

Maximum strength through four classic lifts

This programme focuses on increasing strength through squats, bench presses, standing presses and deadlifts. The focus will be on these lifts but also on assisting exercises that are needed to improve weaknesses and to ensure that your nervous system works optimally and doesn’t get tired. As these lifts affect all the muscles in the body, you will, on a whole, become stronger.

Improving bench press results

This is a programme for you who aim to improve your bench press results. The training programme exercises the whole body, although the focus is clearly on your bench press results.

Maximum muscle growth

If you want to increase your muscle mass to the maximum, this programme is for you I will set up a workout for you that is both effective and motivating.

There are different types of hypertrophy (musclegrowth) programmes, most of which lack one essential part, i.e. the understanding of what needs to change after the body has adapted to the workout methods used.

At this point a strategy is needed to take your body to the next level and to force further growth.

This programme focuses on achieving as much muscle growth as possible. You will of course also get stronger as your muscles get larger, but the focus is specifically on muscle growth.


Effective body transformation

This is a programme for men and women who are willing to invest time in the exercise programme, and who, above all, are willing to take their workout regime to the next level. This is an opportunity for achieving effective body transformationin 12-16 weeks. The programme requires some previous experience in weight training and that you are reasonably fit, as the training programme is relatively demanding

Strength training beginners

Do you want to make lasting progress?

When you are a strength training beginner, it is at first relatively easy to make noticeable progress. However, the body adapts to working out faster than you might realize, which is why it is important that the right corrections are made in terms of workout volume, intensity and method, so that your development doesn’t stagnate.

For you who don’t have access to exercising equipment

If you don’t have access to exercising equipment, I create a programme that is effective in both exercising your muscles and improving your fitness level. However, I would like to emphasize that it’s not possible to get the same level of muscle growth without the extra stimulus that weights provide.


3, 6 or 12 months

  • Before starting a program, we will thoroughly go through and discuss your training objectives and opportunities Maybe you don’t have access to or want to visit a gym, maybe you want to exercise at home with only a small amount of equipment or no equipment at all, only using your own body weight. Taking your wishes and needs into account, the training program is personalised specifically for you.
  •  If you don’t have a lot of time, but still want a regular workout routine, I will adapt the program to your needs and wishes.

• Basic package

Follow-up once a month by e-mail

  • Development of a personal training profile
  •  Status review before start
  •  Review of the plan for the coming month at the end of each month
  •  Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail

• Extended package

 Follow-up twice a month by telephone

  •  Development of a personal training profile
  •  Status review before start
  •  Review of the plan for the coming month at the end of each month
  •  Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail
  •  Distribution and daily intake of macronutrients

• Premium package

 Follow-up every week by telephone

  • Development of a personal training profile
  • Status review before start
  •  Review of the plan for the coming month at the end of each month
  • Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail
  •  Distribution and daily intake of macronutrients
  •  Meal and supplement suggestions
  •  Detailed review of how the different training methods work and what affects and controls muscle hypertrophy. We also look at why some methods primarily increase strength while others contribute more to hypertrophy and how this is related.
  • We go through the exercises you should do and why, as well as their differences.
  •  Every three months, you receive a written summary of what we have gone through
  •  One 15 min free consultation a month

Training programme, 12 weeks

Training programme, 12 weeks

  • A training programme that is distributed over the number of days you have the opportunity to train
  • The programme is adapted to your objectives, physical conditions and any possible previous injuries
  • Profile assessment is NOT included
  • A voluntary final evaluation and an opportunity to discuss a possible continuation.


In order to be able to create a good basis for positive results, a careful assessment of your profile is required. This is needed to get the right information to start from when planning your diet and exercise program.

An important part of the assessment is to get a good understanding of the balance of your neurotransmitters, as well as of certain body proportions.

With this information, there is good basis for developing a suitable training and diet programme that corresponds to your neurological, hormonal and physiological needs and conditions.


The basis of all programmes is the assessment I make through a questionnaire.

Anyone who wants to can make great improvements in their physique as long as they are motivated enough. However, it is important for the trainer/coach to understand that the approach must be carefully adapted to each person’s exercising habits, previous injuries, age, stress level, and immune system.

Certain body proportions and the neurotransmitter profile also play a crucial role in how an exercise and dietary programme is set up.

What happens after registration?

After you have registered, you will within one day receive an email containing a link to a questionnaire with approximately 75 questions. (It will take abt. 30-40 minutes to fill it in).

Next, I will contact you with suggestions for a date and time for a meeting via telephone or Zoom.

The questionnaire plays a very important part in creating an optimal, personalised programme. 50 of the questions are multiple-choice questions.