Have you ever tried an exercise programme that didn’t achieve satisfactory results? Did any of your training buddies do the exact same programme with positive results? Have you ever stopped following an exercise programme because it wasn’t motivating enough?

You may even have felt that you failed. Or, when you didn’t see any results, you assumed it depended on your “unfavourable genetic predisposition”. Or, maybe you felt that the exercise programme was inadequate, even though others seemed to like it?

However, the problem might not be the training programme, your motivation nor your genetic predisposition, the reason may simply be that the exercise programme didn’t fit your neurological profile.

Your neurological profile is determined by the distribution of your neurotransmitters, which controls more than you probably know.

The nervous system is responsible for the recruitment of muscle fibers and determines the number of fibers you can stimulate to grow. This affects both your strength and coordination when you exercise.

The key to success

The key to success when it comes to exercise is to optimise your diet and workout regime. To be successful, it is important to have a training programme that is adapted to your profile.

Through a questionnaire we find out what your profile looks like and which neurotransmitters are at low or high levels respectively. Your behavior is affected by these levels, whether you realize it or not.

This is why I place great emphasis on assessing your profile and creating an optimal exercise programme tailored especially for you.


In order to be able to create a good basis for positive results, a careful assessment of your profile is required. This is needed to get the right information to start from when planning your diet and exercise programme.

An important part of the assessment is to get a good understanding of the balance of your neurotransmitters, as well as of certain body proportions.

With this information, there is good basis for developing a suitable training and diet programme that corresponds to your neurological, hormonal and physiological needs and conditions.