• Follow-up every week by telephone

    • Development of a personal training profile
    •  Status review before start
    •  Review of the plan for the coming month at the end of each month
    •  Distribution and daily intake of macronutrients
    •  Meal and supplement suggestions
    •  Questions are answered within 24 hrs by e-mail
    •  Detailed review of how the different training methods work and what affects and controls muscle hypertrophy. We also look at why some methods primarily increase strength while others contribute more to hypertrophy and how this is related.
    •  We go through the exercises you should do and why, as well as their differences.
    •  Every three months, you receive a written summary of what we have gone through
    •  One 15 min free consultation a month
    • PRICE: 199 €/month

• Premium package


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